Budle Farm Campsite Bamburgh NE69 7AL


The postcode for Beach Gathering is NE69 7AL and the site is called Budle Farm Campsite, please don't get mixed up with Budle Bay Campsite which is inland.

Look out for the yellow signs saying Beach Gathering, Private Rally.

Arrival Once you turn off the main road, you need to turn left immediately into the Rally field. 

Follow the bunting to where someone will be waiting to scan your ticket. You can keep your window up as we can scan through the glass.

From this point, you will have the choice to either go down to the lower field where there's no noise at all or stay on the top field where you can be a bit noisy until midnight.

Portable toilets in both fields and the showers will be in the top field. 

Skip at the very top of the field for your rubbish.  Make sure all BBQ's are completely cold before adding to the skip.

Beach Gathering

Mighty Events Ltd

01748 470047

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